Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Heavy Mehndi Designs For Hands and Wrist

Making your palm of hands and arms colourful with mehndi has a great fascination in itself. If we talked about any ceremonial function, than a girl is incomplete without it. So this design can be helpful for those girls who ever like heavy designs in mehndi for hands and wrist. This design can make you special in functions.
This is special Mehndi Designs For Hands which girls can apply their hands at the day of Eid and this design can apply on any casual function or formal as well, depends upon your mode if you want some special heavy design on your palm and wrist.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Pakistani Eid Mehndi Designs For Hands

Mehndi is ever been popular for making hands more attractive. The outer side of hands sometime get black due to over work. So mehndi is only a one solution of this problem. So Mehndi Designs For Hands have a solution for this problem. This design cover the back of fingers, It makes them to look more attractive and also hide the roughness of hands.
For the Eid day, These designs are absoloutely looked perfect. There is also an advantage no need of any rings becouse it cover your fingers very beautifuly.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Indian Mehndi Designs For Arms & Hands

This is Indian Mehndi Designs For Hands and Arms. Want to give you outer arms and hands a glamerous look? Yes ofcourse why not. The natural answer of every girl. Sometime it happens you never want to have a very full hand mehndi on your arms and hands. So you can apply this design is very suitable for night function. All finngers and thumb are fully design.
It also partially covery the back of your hand and upto the arm. The inserting of small stones in the middle of designs somewhere will make it more catchy. So try it on the mehndi function of your  friend, but keep in mind, if we apply it in night it will be more appreciate by the people.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Simple Summer Mehndi Designs For Hands

Every one wants some moments of peace and joy for itself, and want some leisures time from buzy routine life. So give a little bit time to yourself and surprise to everyone. This is awesome, simple,useful and beautiful summer's Mehndi Designs For Hands. This design have some obstract touch in itself, the design on the fingers and right below will give your hands a real piece of art.
The positive aspect of this design is that it is not an ordinary design with typical zig zac or flowers. It is looks like a real pattern work. So you can apply this design on hands for going at anywhere. So in this summer make yourself a little bit more groomed and confident.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mehndi Designs For Outer Side Of Hand And Nail Tips

In summers season, When there is a function which is about to come, Don't be worry. Wear a light dress and apply such a light stylish Mehndi Designs For Hands at the outer side of your hands and nail.
It will never give a very rough look to your hands. It will look more delicate and sophisticated. Only close side of thumb is covered with nice curved design, It make your hands realy refresh and cool in appearence. You can also try it in casual function in these hot summer noon. But if you apply it with your modernly stittched dress. It will surely helpful to make your hand beautiful and delicated.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Indian Mehndi Designs For Sari

Sometime our dress which we choose for wearing in any occassion can put us in a very ddifferent situation. Specially you are wearing a sari, a very traditional dreaa, but what about the most important thing, without which you will never feel like a real women. It's about your Mehndi Designs For Hands. This mehndi design is specially for the dress of SARI.
Palms of the hands are not fully designs. Outer side of the palm is almost blank but Inner side of hand has is a very beautiful flowers design, by covering ful fingers. So if you are going to wear sari, so don't be so curious about it. Apply this design and enjoy your special event whether a party or weeding ceremony of your love one.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Arabic Mehndi Designs On Back Of The Hands

Arabic mehndi designs on the back of the hand. Usually it's not easy to give colour the back skin of hands but as the design is so filled at fingers it will give very powerful and beautiful colour on the back side, Specially on fingers of hands. The hands will not only look pretty but also prominent. The design is made up with leaves and very close beautiful unidentified flowers.That's why it will make the fingers length very prominent.

Usually this sort of design is made for functions where girls and women wants to be prominent among each other. We have seen a number of good designs on the right side of hands but this design is very unique as it gives us very good new ideas about Mehndi Designs For Hands on either side of hands. If you will try this design you definitely feel the difference when people appreciate your hands.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Easy Mehndi designs For Hands

Eid is such an occassion which casued happiness and colours every where, but these colours are fade without mehndi. This design is very easy and simple to make it on the palm of girls hand. The whole Inner side of hand is covered with design. It's such simple and beautiful that little girls can copy it by herself  Mehndi Designs For Hands.
Which make her to feel proud on her own strive, So on their function let them to apply it on their hands. So little girls you can show it to your little friends.

Asian Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands

To become a Bride is a dream of every girl. Every girl want to become more and more beautiful on her wedding. For this purpose, girls do a lot of efforts. In Asia, Specially in Pakistan and India girls used mehndi on hands and foots to enhance their beauty.
Here is a beautiful bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands. It is very delicate and nice. Full side of Inner hands and Inner wrist is completely covered with mehndi. From wrist to the middle of arm is covered which gave a pretty look to bridal hands. Because it is a dream of every girl to look most beautiful on her wedding. Look the design on fingers how pretty it is. So, use it and you will recive the praise from others.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eid Mehndi Designs For Hands

In east, Mehndi is taken as a Ornament for a women. At Eid occassion women and girl's used mehndi on hand's and foot's to enhance their beauty. look at this design, It is not too much heavy.
One Inner side of hand is completely covered with Mehndi and a little bit portion of weist. On the other hand, the back of hand at have a light design. Only two finger's are covered. It is very easy to apply, and anyone wether a girl, women or children can use this Mehndi Designs For Hands.

Occassional Mehndi Designs

From a long time "Mehndi" is consider as a symbol of happiness, joy and pleasure in Sub-Continent. Specially, girls are very fond of Mehndi designs. Here is a Beautiful Mehndi design for girls which can be used on weeding, nikkah and engagment ceremoneies. This is a heavy design and consider as "occassional design". It covers full inner side of hand and some part of inner wrist also.
This design will give your hand unmatch look. The design on fingers is very attractful. It covers whole fingers This Mehndi Designs for Hands also have a Royal Look.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mehndi Functions Mehndi Designs For Hands

This is special Mehndi Functions Mehndi Designs For Hands and it is complete hand with the wrist design. To be a girl is proud in itself being a girl, every one wants to have Unique look in appearnce specially in a function,or any ceremorial function. On a simple function ,this design will surely figure you out among the many girls.

Night Function Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands has always been a very important for making any function more colourful. The design on upper aram is simpleas well as having modle look.
The fixing of shiny stone in the middle of design giving it more gorgeous look. It's simple as well as stylish. So girl's you can try it on any formal function to look prominent. This Mehndi designis absoloute for attending a Night Party Function.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Light Mehndi Designs For Hands

It is special Light Mehndi Designs For Hands. It is arabic mehndi design.It makes hands delecated and gives a look neat and pretty. It's specially for young girls.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stylish Mehndi Designs For Hands

Specially stylish Mehndi designs for hands now more popular in U.K and U.S.A, It is in a form of Tattos of body art that been used in different events and occasions.

Complete Mehndi Designs For Full Hands

It is a Complete Mehndi designs for Hands. It is Full Hand mehndi design it covers full arms with their beautiful designs and colour.

Arabic Mehndi Designs For Hands

It is Arabic Mehndi Designs For Hands famious in Middle Eastren Countries. U.A.E and Sudi Arabia, It is known as Egeption Mehndi Designs.

Mehndi designs for hands

Mehndi is most famious fashion in women's specially in girls. It is specially our cultural and it give's a new look of girls hand. Everyone want to seem's differnt to others. Different Mehndi designs for hands makes your hands different And you make yourself special in your friends.

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